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I create responsive apps for kick-ass clients.


I am an Atlanta based front-end web developer with over fifteen years of professional experience in the web industry. I focus on creating unique marketing experiences for small businesses. My toolbox includes React, GraphQl, HTML5, CSS3 and Node JS

My Toolbox

Javascript / React
Sass / Compass / LESS
Gatsby / Next JS
Node / NPM
GraphQL / SQL
Git / SVN
OmniGraffle / Gliffy
Sketch / Photoshop
Jira / Trello
Scrum / Agile Development


Responsive Development Information Architecture UI/UX Design MVC Frameworks

Device Lab

I’m gathering a broad range of mobile devices that consumers are using everyday – to test speed, responsiveness and overall performance of my clients websites and applications. Please contact me if you would like to donate a mobile device.

Device Lab
Device Lab
Device Lab
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Make Model OS / Version Viewport
Acer Iconia Tab A200 Android 4.0 800 x 1280
Amazon Kindle Fire Android 2.3 600 x 1024
Amazon Kindle Touch Kindle 5.2 600 x 800
Apple iPad 1G iOS 5.1.1 768 x 1024
Apple iPad 2G iOS 6.1 768 x 1024
Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 768 x 1024
Apple iPhone 2G iOS 3.1.3 320 x 480
Apple iPhone 3GS iOS 4.3 320 x 480
Apple iPhone 4 iOS 6.1 320 x 480
Apple iPhone 5 iOS 9.1 320 x 568 @2x
Apple iPhone 6 iOS 10.1 375 x 667 @2x
Apple iPhone 8 iOS 10.1 375 x 667 @2x
Apple Macbook Pro OS X 10.8 1920 x 1200 @2x
Blackberry Playbook BB Tablet OS 2.1 600 x 1024
Blackberry Curve 8900 BB OS 5.4 480 x 360
HP TouchPad WebOS 3.0.5 768 x 1024
HTC Sensation Android 4.0 540 x 960
LG Maxx Q Android 2.3 320 x 480
Nintendo DSi XL Nintendo OS 256 x 384
Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 480 x 800
Pantech Marauder Android 4.0 480 x 800
Samsung Admire Android 2.3 320 x 480
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I spend my days tinkering with mobile devices and building responsive sites. I love the web and believe that all code should be open source. Here are some of my contributions to the web and those who have chosen to build it.

2013 Converge Florida

Really excited to be attending ConvergeFL this year. This conference is three days of immersive web design & development workshops and inspiring keynote style talks. There is a great list of speakers this year and are my takeaways.

2013 Front-End Design

I'm lucky to say that is my second year attending Front-End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. This conference is known for bringing all aspects of front-end together in one place and it’s an awesome experience.

Death To The Waterfall

Most developers / designers adapt to the waterfall process, because it’s an industry standard. It’s in every job post, “Must be able to handle 1000’s of projects at once.” Hmm, no thanks. This process can have adverse effects on the whole organization. Delayed projects can effect...

Building An HTML Prototype

Ever since responsive design has become a part of my toolkit, I look for different ways to redefine my workflow. Responsive design can add a lot of complexity to a developers workflow, so cutting out the unnecessary methods can help quite a bit. This is where an HTML Prototype comes in handy.

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Building A Device Lab

Long gone are the days of testing websites on computers and mobile emulators. Today's devices vary in screen size, pixel density, browser engines and parsing rules. In order to get the full user experience you have test on the actual device. It is this reason, that I decided to build my own device lab on my own dime.

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Google Nexus 7” Tablet

After hearing the rumors in early February, I knew I wanted a Nexus 7, no matter the cost. I can honestly say that I may have been the first person to order one during the this year’s Google I/O conference. Thus exactly 3 weeks later I received the device at my door and after a long night of tinkering, here are my initial thoughts.

Responsive Slider Menu

Responsive Slider Menu is a jQuery menu which creates drawer-style navigation on your desktop site and collapses easily to mobile.

Countdown JS Themes

Countdown JS Themes are variations of counter themes using Countdown.JS by Keith Wood.


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